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For 48 years, the Greek Church of San Diego has hosted our Annual Greek Festival, featuring the finest in Greek Foods, Pastries, Imports, Crafts, Dancing, Church Tours, and more… Over 15,000 attended last year’s event and were treated to a sample of our Greek Culture and Heritage. This year, in an effort to provide more value and exposure to our sponsors and supporters, we have created a new sponsorship menu, which extends well beyond advertising in the festival brochure.


GRAND SPONSOR ... $2,000

  1. Full page ad in festival brochure

  2. Complimentary website ad*

  3. Company name / logo / slogan or individual’s name on Welcome Banner at Festival entrance

  4. Company name or individual’s name included in audio announcements throughout the festival*

  5. $200 Meal & Drink Voucher to use during Festival weekend


  1. Full color ad on back of the ticket (3.625”W x 7”H)

  2. Printed on 10,000 tickets

  3. ONLY ONE SPOT IS AVAILABLE! Reserve it today!

  4. Ad design fee (if applicable) ... $100*

BROCHURE AD (a la carte)

  1. Back Cover (4”W x 9”H) ... $1500

  2. Full Page (4”W x 9”H) ... $700

  3. Half Page (3.5”W x 4.125”H) ... $350

  4. Quarter Page (3.5”W x 2”H) ... $225

  5. New ad design fee (if applicable) ... $100*

WEBSITE AD (a la carte)

  1. With purchase of any Brochure ad ... $150

  2. Without purchase of Brochure ad ... $250

  3. New web ad design fee (if applicable) ... $100*


  1. Sponsor sign on booth*

  2. Recognition in Festival Brochure

GENERAL DONATION ... $50 and up

Recognition in Festival Brochure

* Important terms, conditions, and notes:

  1. 1.Ad placement in either sponsorship package excludes middle spread, inside, or outside covers. New ads must be provided in a proper press-ready PDF format, otherwise ad design fee will apply. Already printed business cards and other printed materials do not qualify as ready-to-publish artwork and will be assessed the $100 design fee. 75% of this fee is used to compensate our creative director for building your ad. See details and specifications on the right.

  2. 2.Website ads must be provided in a proper format, otherwise ad design fee will apply. See details and specifications on the right.

  3. 3.Audio announcements of sponsors will be performed at the maximum number of opportunities as allowed by the festival activities.

  4. 4.Booth sponsor signage will be provided by the festival. No sponsor-provided signage will be allowed.

  5. 5.All sponsorships are subject to approval by the Greek Festival Steering Committee.

  6. 6.Ad space and / or Level 1 sponsorships will be reserved on a “first come first served” basis and only upon receipt of full payment; reservations via email or over the telephone are not allowed. 

  7. 7.Placement of ads is up to the discretion of the Brochure Design & Production team. Requests for specific placement will be considered, but compliance is not guaranteed.

  8. 8.Festival sponsors are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the information on their print or web ads and agree not to hold Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, its festival Volunteers or the Brochure Production Team liable in the case of any errors appearing on their ads.

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To accommodate the many different software programs and computer platforms (Macintosh, Windows etc.), we have established a PDF workflow. PDF is a ubiquitous file format developed by Adobe Systems Inc, standing for “Portable Document Format”. A properly created PDF file preserves the original look of the document, no matter what type of computer or software was used to create it. Fonts, photos and graphic images appear exactly as they do in the original document.  Our  established advertising rates require digital PDF ad submission, which enable us to produce a quality product for our advertisers and meet the standards of quality printing.

There are a number of ways to create a PDF file, but not all are suitable for offset printing. Some are only suitable for internet use, while others are intended for printing a copy to a desktop printer. A PDF file that has been created properly for a printing press contains embedded fonts and high resolution images and graphics. One to produce your PDF is by using Adobe Acrobat with either the “press quality” or “PDFX-1a” settings. More information on PDF files is available online.

Please submit your print ad in a vector-based, CMYK PDF with all fonts included, at 100% size (no scaling). If raster images are included in the PDF, please make sure that they are 300PPI or larger at actual size. Rasterized black text should be 600PPI or higher. Full page ads must include 1/8” bleed all around, for a total size of 4-1/4” x 9-1/4”. Ads smaller than full page should not include any bleed. See available sizes to the left, under BROCHURE AD (a la carte).

If you can only provide loose materials (hand-written content, typed text, photos to be scanned, business cards, etc), our creative director can create an ad for you according to your specifications and suggestions for a $100 fee. You may also hire any other designer of your choice.

Please note that, as with any other printed material, printed business cards are not acceptable as ready-to-print artwork and must be professionally rebuilt for a fee. However, submitting a business card layout as a properly formatted PDF (not a scan) is acceptable and will not be assessed an additional fee.


PIXEL SIZE: 220 x 220 pixels

COLOR SPACE: RGB, Indexed Color. No CMYK allowed.

FILE FORMAT: JPEG, GIF, PNG, Animated GIF. No Flash allowed.


LINKING: Please provide the URL you want your web to link to. You may also invoke an email link instead of a URL.

If you don’t know what these specifications mean, or if you don’t have the software tools to meet them, please consult a professional designer or have our designer build the ad for you; $100 fee will apply.


Click here to download the sponsorship form
or call 619.297.4165 to have one sent or faxed to you. Mail or hand-deliver the filled out form with your payment to:

Greek Festival Sponsorships

c/o Saint Spyridon G.O.C.

3655 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103



Thank you for your support!

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